Cathedral Restoration

Our parishes are the cornerstones and gathering places for our faith community. Likewise, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a symbol of our unity of faith throughout the wider community.

Restore Our Cathedral $2,400,000

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a beautiful, nationally-registered historic landmark. As the 100-year anniversary of the building passed, the Diocese of Lake Charles initiated a comprehensive study to examine all facets of the building. The study found multiple items that, if left unaddressed in a timely and proper manner, would cause more costly repairs or even irreversible damage.

The cathedral is the one parish building that belongs to every member of the diocese. To ensure that our cathedral proudly stands for many generations to come, the diocese intends to address the following necessary repairs, starting with these priorities.

Our Cathedral is used, loved and appreciated by everyone throughout the diocese. Lance and I got married there in 1991 and our daughter will be married there later this year. So many wonderful memories already and so many more to come for all Catholics! We all need to do our part to keep the cathedral beautiful and structurally sound.

Lance & Kelly Mudd
General Chairs

Foundation - Drainage, Mechanical & Electrical Issues Below Floor Level

  • Update electrical circuitry and replace damaged components;
  • Update or repair plumbing;
  • Provide positive drainage to prevent standing water;
  • Address exposed concrete reinforcement deterioration that will cause weakening and eventual failure in the flooring;
  • Bring up to current building codes and fix past termite damage;
  • Repair or replace damaged air-conditioning duct work and insulation.

Weather-Proofing The Outside Façade

The exterior masonry will be cleaned, mortar joints repointed and the entirety waterproofed, so that the structure is water-tight. This is a necessity to prevent further damage of the interior walls.

Fenestration (Window Frames/Glass/Stained Leaded Glass, Doors)

These openings, mainly window frames and glass, will be refurbished, where required, to prevent further corrosion of the frames that support and contain the leaded stained glass.

Refurbishing The Interior Paneling

Like many old buildings, the cathedral was not designed for modern heating and air conditioning (HVAC). Moisture absorption was not considered when the acoustical sponge-like panels were added years after the initial construction. Once the foundation and outside structure are dealt with, the inside acoustics will be improved by replacing paneling with something that provides harmony with the environment and fits the cathedral’s architectural theme. Should any asbestos mitigation be needed, it will also be done at this time.

Analysis & Documentation Report<

Click on the link below to view/download the PDF analysis and documentation report. Please be aware this is a LARGE file and will take some time even on fast connections!

* In addition to the above restoration work, the diocesan building commission will provide ongoing checks and maintain a robust recordkeeping system that will ensure continuity over each pastor and building committee to promote proper care and longevity for future generations.

* After these top priorities are completed, any remaining funds would be dedicated to improving energy efficiency to assist with reducing costs, such as upgrading the HVAC system and/or addressing cracks in the walls.

* With these campaign funds completing the building necessities, the Cathedral parish will use their parish share to determine any other enhancement projects to the church that they would like to see completed.

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